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June 10 2017

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A bit scrappy but I think I’m improving.

Sponsored by my lovely Patrons.

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Etna putting her A class spear handing skills to good use!

PATREON | If you like my animations consider supporting my patreon! Even if it’s just a dollar it makes a difference! Animation every week at next goal

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thank you everyone who watched me do this on stream!

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Kat giving Raven a good ole face ride!

So there were going to be extra scenes to this but then flash crashed and I lost all motivation and the rest is history

PATREON | One to two colored animations a month at next goal!

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Commissioned. Lotta love for Dragonball these days!

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Privilege and Pride

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Mercedes -Odin sphere-

Sketch loop selected by patreons

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Still like this one

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Its here

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lil commisshie, i have a few other animated commissions to get to so expect those soon

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S. A.  Paizuri

A commission for Cary.

Also i did an edit inpired of the shipping @kusorari did with samus and a space pirate <3

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She’s my main. :>

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Elf futa lady

(( All characters are 18+ ))

June 08 2017

June 07 2017

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trying yet again, a different approach to paints-  
After flats and mild shading, i flatten the picture
and finish off the rest doing single layer painting. Its ok, but my strokes are still off- its like i can never really ever get used to inking a picture digitally.

But i like how this turned out

Subjugating anons everywhere

June 05 2017

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Commission for a commissioner

….its Chunbuns

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